"I love taking Renay's classes.  I always learn something new, my technique improves and I understand my body a little better."

Renay Compere is a long time fitness enthusiast who has tried every workout in LA over the past 20 years. She took her first barre class after the birth of her last child and became hooked after watching her body transform. 

After teaching yoga and barre classes for years, she designed BARREWORKS - Not Your Ordinary Barre Studio. The studio offers barre, HIIT and cardio so you can truly have everything you need in one studio. With her 5 years of experience owning and operating two successful Barre studios, she understands the need to offer her clients something more.

To her, true strength is not solely exterior, it is a journey of body, mind and spirit.  As a mother of FOUR BOYS, (yes, you read that right) she understands that a workout is more than simply a way to tone and get fit. It’s about taking time for yourself so that you may be the best you possible in every area of your life. It’s about balance.  It’s about giving to yourself so that you may give yourself to others. 




"No Excuses. You are here to work. But my music will make you forget you're working your booty off." 

Ali is a born teacher. As a classically trained dancer and certified teacher in many genres, she brings her expertise from ballet, yoga, pilates and physical therapy to help create her classes and guide clients to the next level.





"Dustin's classes are incredible! He has such an amazing, kind energy that motivates you to push your limits at the barre."

Our German sweetheart Dustin is a dancer, choreographer, and barre star extraordinaire. As an in-demand professional dancer and longtime fitness instructor, Dustin brings his knowledge of alignment and posture to our team. Just one hour with him at the barre will change your entire day - and your body!