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2 weeks of unlimited classes for $49


1 month of unlimited classes for $89


What should I expect?


As a new client we want to make sure you feel welcome, safe and challenged in our classes! Whether you're a fitness fanatic, or haven't worked out in years, an expecting mother or three months post pregnancy - all are welcome and we will tailor the workout to your fitness level and can give adjustments for most injuries ensuring you'll feel the burn without straining your body.

Where should I start?

Our Barre Sculpt class is a great first class to take at our studio. It is zero impact and will tone and sculpt your muscles while keeping your joints safe. If you are ready to tackle a higher intensity workout we also offer Barre HIIT, Cardio Sculpt & Trampoline Sculpt. At Barreworks it is always our priority to make your one hour with us as safe, fun and as effective as possible! 

How often should I come?

We believe the best way to see results is to commit to a game plan, which is why we offer The New Client Special - you'll get a month of unlimited classes for just $89 OR two weeks for $49. To take full advantage of this deal and see your posture, flexibility and muscle tone improve in just 1 month, we highly suggest coming to class 3 - 5 times a week. Each class is like a personal training session for half the price - your teacher will guide you and give adjustments to help you move deeper into the exercises. But Barreworks is more than just a workout, it's a community and it's with the help of our community that you'll see yourself grow taller, stronger and leaner!

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