Using light weights and props (think ball, bands, sliders) we have choreographed super small and intense movements that build long and lean muscles, improve posture and flexibility, raise and tone your booty, and sculpt legs that love short shorts...and don't forget about those abs, we'll sculpt those too! 

This kind of intense movement burns an enormous amount of calories and boosts metabolism, no joke!


Think of Barre HIIT as a buy one get one free class with cardio plus strength training in this super efficient 50 minute killer session. This class will make you move and sweat, keep your heart rate up and burn some serious calories. Sculpt and tone your warm muscles with the small isometric movements of barre while boosting your metabolism hours after your workout. It’s really the perfect marriage. 

Shoes required.



In this 60 minute class, we promise you don’t need to be a dancer or have any experience to have fun. You can expect to laugh, sweat and burn a ridiculous amount calories. This dynamic class incorporates easy to follow dance steps that are designed to be energizing and invigorating.

Shoes required.


In this 45 minute class, we will build upon what we have learned in Barre Sculpt. The transitions move very quickly with minimal setup. It is a full body workout, hitting multiple muscle groups with each exercise. Think less stretching and more sweating. Recommended for clients who have taken 3 or more Barre Sculpt classes.  

Socks required.

Available at our Brentwood studio. 



Get your sweat on with an hour of full body sculpting PLUS high energy cardio on our low impact Jump Sport rebounders. Rebounders are easy on your joints, and increase lymphatic flow (which helps reduce cellulite) PLUS they help boost your mood + metabolism. And don't worry we make sure to burn out your arms, abs, seat and thighs as well!

Shoes required