Our Story


How is Barreworks Studio different from other barre classes?

We offer more! A lot more! We set out to create something we were looking for in our own neighborhood - a barre studio with something extra! We all know barre strengthens, lengthens and tones and gives you a mindbody connection that keeps you coming back for more! But we wanted to offer more killer classes in one space, which is why we've created Barre HIIT, Cardio Sculpt & Trampoline Sculpt. These classes will get your heart pumping and make you sweat while still giving you the unbelievable toning aspects of our Barre Sculpt class. 

We collaborated with our amazing staff of professional dancers and fitness experts, and developed classes that will make your workouts fun but more importantly, so efficient you will see results almost immediately. BARREWORKS will most definitely change the way you look at barre classes and all they do for your body.

Incorporating the Lotte Berk method along with elements of pilates and power yoga moves, our classes are perfect for those brand new to barre and those who are hardcore enthusiasts. We modify each part of the class so that every client, no matter their level, will be challenged and experience a full body workout. Using props like sliders, bands and balls along with light weights, classes will work with muscle confusion so that your mind is engaged and your body is changing, faster!